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An event of skincare experience!!!

From so long i wanted to showcase my products what are very dear to my heart and on what u i can trust 100%

So one fine day i decided to organise an event for a day where i can show my creativity!!!

I called up my few always ‘go to’ friends Nitya & Shilpa and shared my ideas and from that day our discussions started.

What type of event? invite list ? decore ? products ? food ? place ? lot of questions and we start working on it.

Points we had in mind were -

  1. Develop Event Goal and Objectives

  2. Organize Team

  3. Recruit & Train Volunteers

  4. Establish Budget

  5. Set the Date

  6. Create an Event Master Plan

  7. Choose Event Software

  8. Book the Venue

  9. Brand my Event

  10. Confirm Speakers & Special Guests

  11. Identify and Establish news channels

  12. Create a Promotional Plan

  13. Determine Day-of Processes

We’ll also cover:

  • Things to keep in mind the day-of the event

  • How to conduct your post-event review

  • Perspectives from seasoned experts in the events space.

After few days we had some clarity and clear picture in our minds

and we started working on same.

Ww made a list of invitees , a list of products , place was finalised and so was our menu!

One side i started making my products and decoration was also going on…

It was very kind of our Guests of honour who accept the invite to grace the event.

Finally the day came - as always i got up little late after late night work at the venu (offcourse with help of my family & friends)

We went rushing to the venue and the event started…..

slowly guests were coming and till now it was all as we planed!

Whole day went very smoothly and i am truly overwhelmed seeing the reaction and the attendance of all the ladies….

By the end of the day we were tired but happy and satisfy when we got huge response and appreciations!!!!


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