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An event of skincare experience!!!

Updated: Mar 21

From so long i wanted to showcase my products which are very dear to my heart…

So one fine day i decided to organise an event for a day where i can show my creativity!!!

I called up my always ‘go to’ friends Nitya & Shilpa and shared my ideas

and from that day our discussions started.

What type of event? invite list ? decore ? products ? food ? place ? lot of questions and we start working on it.

Points we had in mind were -

  1. Develop Event Goal and Objectives

  2. Organize Team

  3. Recruit & Train Volunteers

  4. Establish Budget

  5. Set the Date

  6. Create an Event Master Plan

  7. Choose Event Software

  8. Book the Venue

  9. Brand my Event

  10. Confirm Speakers & Special Guests

  11. Identify and Establish news channels

  12. Create a Promotional Plan

  13. Determine Day-of Processes

We’ll also cover:

  • Things to keep in mind the day-of the event

  • How to conduct your post-event review

  • Perspectives from seasoned experts in the events space.

After few days we had some clarity and clear picture in our minds

and we started working on same.

We made a list of invitees , a list of products , place was finalised and so was our menu!

One side i started making my products and decoration was also going on…

It was very kind of our Special Guests who accepted the invite to grace the event.

Finally the day came - as always i got up little late after late night work at the venu (offcourse with help of my family & friends)

We went rushing to the venue and the event started…..

slowly guests were coming and till now it was all as we planed but i was very nervous as the concept was new and so was my experience… but

Whole day went very smoothly and i am truly overwhelmed seeing the reaction and the attendance of all the ladies….

By the end of the day we were tired but happy when we got huge response and appreciations!!!! @skinstudiobybhuvneshwari


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