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Bridal Skin care tips!

Before you decide what kind of wedding makeup and hairstyle you’ll select, there’s one thing you must take care of first: your skin.

Do you know those brides who always look so refreshed and practically glow on their wedding day? Yeah, that’s because they put in the effort with a bridal skincare routine ahead of time — and it shows.

You can’t just rely on your makeup artist to do her magic; you must give her a canvas on which to work. And a nice canvas starts with some beauty basics, tips, and a few helpful skincare products along the way.

That’s where we come in! Your skin is going to look amazing on your wedding day if you follow these important wedding skincare tips before the big day.

️How To Take Care of Your Skin Before Wedding

It’s a good idea to get into a skincare routine right now anyway, so you’re set up with one for the future…. she says, as she wonders if she’s been really doing it properly all this time herself.

️1) Start prepping your skin early:

Don’t worry, if you’re really close to your wedding day and you haven’t done a thing yet for skincare, you’re not too late @skinstudiobybhuvneshwari we will guide you for your d-day!


️2) Follow CTM @skinstudiobybhuvneshwari we have organic CTM kit!


️3) keep your skin and body hydrate!


️4) Eat RAINBOW diet (for details ask us @skinstudiobybhuvneshwari or @bhuvneshwari_jadeja_shaktawat )


️5)Use organic products for skin & hair @skinstudiobybhuvneshwari all our products are organic and as per season and age.


️6)Get more sleep!

maintain a sleeping cycle properly.


️ 7) Keep moving!

Keep your self active and follow certain type of exercise to detox your skin.


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