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☘️It is very important to DETOX SKIN after fun filled vacation/Festivals/Holidays…

‼️‼️Season of festivities over now it's time to DETOX your SKIN for the next edition of festivals‼️‼️


Diwali is over and so is the festive food. From namkeen snacks to plate full of mithais, to appetizers to alcohol people


have indulged in them all. Are you missing the Diwali delicacies? Or are you happy that the bingeing season over?

As the Diwali celebrations come to an end it is time to get back to your usual routine and also look at starting a SKIN DETOX!!!!!


it’s now time to Detox your skin without fail to clear your system of all the unwanted toxins and feel lighter and fresher after all the parting, make up, heavy food and less of sleep‼️‼️



Detox with these foods:

1. WATER :

Staying hydrated is the key to good health. Drink enough water, this will help you flush out excess fat and sugar. Drink two to four litres of water every day to ensure a good detox.



Lemons are a natural cure for everything from bloating to indigestion and help regulate your digestion. Start an early morning ritual, have lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water right after you wake up daily.



•Cucumber - Toxins leave your body through urination and nothing helps that more than cucumbers. This diuretic ingredient helps lose excess water from the body, which also helps cure bloating.

•Tomatoes-Tomatoes are full of antioxidants. Its high water-content can keep you hydrated, and its beta-carotenes can keep major diseases out of the way.

•Spinach-This green leafy vegetable is rich in dietary fibre and vital nutrients, which can ensure a clean gastrointestinal tract as well as fit and healthy blood cells to boost your immunity.


‼️‼️‼️ Just like your body, even your skin needs a detox.‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ for update follow @skinstudiobybhuvneshwari


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