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Items You Must ALWAYS Carry In Your Handbag When You Travel :

The holidays are drawing ever closer and many of us are heading off to visit family, friends or simply on a hard-earned end of year break. One of the least fun and time-consuming parts of travelling is packing…

#1 Your passport :

Honestly, it’s the most essential item on the list and the worst to forget, so make sure you have it before you step out!best is to keep it in an identifiable cover so you NEVER forget it!

#2 A warming cover-up :

A pashmina is another essential, planes are like the office air con on steroids, so you don’t want to be caught without a chic cover-up.

#3 A really, really good book:

There’s nothing better than a really, really good book to while the hours away on a long haul flight

#4 A portable charger :

The WORST thing when travelling is being stranded without battery on your phone. invest in a good portable charger like @apple and always have it charged with your cable on hand. It’s a good idea to pop a plug in your bag too in case you ever have a chance to use a power socket.

#5 A beauty pouch:

Always keep a cute beauty pouch which you can easily find in your bag with your mini or decanted essentials in to adhere to baggage restrictions @skinstudiobybhuvneshwari we keep posting tips on skincare during travelling.

#6 A notebook and pen:

Often travel gives us a chance to reflect or allows potentially wonderful ideas to pop into your head, note them down with a physical pen how i always keep my @hamleys_india notebook for my any #skincare ideas.

#7 Your sunnies:

Okay, call us divas but we don’t mind looking like a paparazzi-ridden celeb to hide our tiredness of long journey!

We take our tips from airport-pro @victoriabeckham 😉who always has hers firmly glued on her face as she exits the terminal.


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