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Monsoon skincare!

As the raindrops fall and there is greenery all around, this lazy weather comes with a lot of respite for the otherwise hot and humid climate. But, it also has its cons. For instance, your hair and skin is the first to bear the brunt of the sticky and humid season. Well, we can’t do away with the season. But what we can do is follow certain tips and tricks that can help us maintain a healthy and happy skin throughout the season. After all, we do need a reason to be happy in monsoon, it is such a dreamy season! And trust us when we say, monsoon skincare or rainy season skin care is not as tedious as you may think it is. All you need is a push in the right direction… @skinstudiobybhuvneshwari by @bhuvneshwari_jadeja_shaktawat let’s understand #monsoonskincare and try our #monsooncollection now‼️‼️‼️‼️

Our skin is our largest organ – something we tend to forget very easily! We also take our skin’s resilience and its ability to repair itself for granted. The unpredictable degrees of intensity in weather changes during the Monsoon Season remind us of our nonchalance and neglect rather easily.

Our skin needs moisture for crucial reasons. A healthy amount lends skin a supple sheen on the outside. Internally, moisture helps skin retain its elasticity and firmness. Human skin renews and regenerates itself frequently. So, the constant exposure of newer (more fragile) skin to environmental pollutants and aggravators, renders it vulnerable to dehydration and free radical damage.



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