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Morning motivation!!!

💫Start by finding a moment of grounding each day before your morning skincare routine : #morningstart #positivemorning

Take 3 deep breaths and thank yourself for just showing up! #wedidit #loveypurself #loveyourwork #loveyourfamily

We all know what we’re not grateful for; the #maskne , the uncertainty of the #pandemic , the separation in our families, the anxiety-filled days that stretch so long they feel like months. I can keep going. I’m really good at seeing things that aren’t working but if I stay in that space too long, I start to carry an energy with me that is far too heavy for my fragile nervous system.

Instead, I start by practicing gratitude in a more micro way and I’d love to share how I do that practice…

Having gratitude doesn’t erase the pain of this year nor does it solve all the problems, but it is a way of helping you navigate through life with a little brighter of light within yourself.

That light then shines onto others who may need a bit of that spark to lead them out of their darkness. Start small and just keep at your practice…

Let’s face it, we’re surviving this year. What comes out of it will be a new light on and fresh… Let’s thank our family and friends ….

#staypositive #stayhealthy #loveyourself #saythankyou

‘Have a happy skin!!!’

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