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🍀Proper way to condition your hair after shampooing!!


conditioner can be a time-saver, but your hair will pay for it in the end. The key to a productive condition is removing the excess water from your hair before you apply conditioner because this allows it to soak in and do its job. Take your time to work it in, making sure to coat every strand.


🗝 The trick to using conditioner is only to apply it to the bottom two-thirds of hair to prevent your scalp and roots from getting overly oily since the scalp produces natural oils.

🗝 If you want to avoid tangles and hair breakage, work the conditioner into the hair with a wide-toothed comb or a Denman 7 Row Classic Styling Brush if you have curly or coily hair. Make sure to rinse the conditioner out thoroughly. Depending on your hair type, leaving a little bit of conditioner on for softer hair can be beneficial, specifically for coily hair textures.

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