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Super Skin Food! ‘Oranges’

One of the most easily available fruits in every household, orange is known for its vitamin C content, which helps give a natural glow to the skin. Oranges can easily amp up our skincare routine with their properties. From acting as a toner to giving you that supple skin, it has endless beauty benefits. The natural oils present in oranges help in giving a soft looking skin and retain its natural moisture. With the onset of summer, it is the perfect time to include oranges in our skincare routine.

🍊 Oranges are extremely rich in Vitamin C, which helps to even out your skin tone and texture by supporting the production of Collagen. By restoring the elasticity in your skin, your complexion becomes firmer, more taut and wrinkles are banished.


🍊 Oranges: Oranges are considered as the powerhouse of vitamin C which is another essential vitamin for preventing acne. Oranges have anti-inflammatory properties that help in healing the swelling and redness around the acne. They also keep your skin looking rejuvenated for a long time.


* A whole orange is more nutritious and healthy than orange juice. That's because of the presence of fiber in it. One cup or 240 ml of pure orange juice has the same amount of natural sugar as 2 whole oranges but is less filling due to low fiber content.


‼️ Oranges like most citrus fruits, produce more juice when warmer — juice them when they are at room temperature. Rolling the orange under the palm of your hand on a flat surface will also help to extract more juice. Vitamin C gets destroyed fast when exposed to air, so eat an orange quickly once cut up‼️


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