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Where ever i go ‘work’ follow me!

Explore your local famers markets in the spring and discover how well the available foods complement an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Learning how nature provides produce to balance your doshas and ease seasonal transitions is very exciting! Of course, market shopping will depend on your location and what the growing seasons are like. You may even have to travel a little further to get to a great market, but your body will thank you. Having readily available markets is becoming more common in every part of the country.

I have this habit to explore local markets where ever i go

I try to find local ingredients , food, herbs that can help me in my skincare products and i can may be discover something more better and new for my dear clients.

Going to your local market instead of a grocery store this time of year isn’t only fun, but it’s healthy as well. The ancient science of Ayurveda teaches us that eating fresh, seasonal, and locally grown foods are a big step toward a healthy and happy mind and body!

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