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Flowers are beautiful, and they come in so many different types, colours and sizes that each seems to be a work of art. They are used extensively for beautification, rejuvenation and perfumery. ... Flowers help lift your spirits, and that may very well reflect on your skin too…

Ancient medicinal practices have always given much importance to the magical properties of flowers besides their spellbinding aromas. This is because many of them have incredible properties that can be used as natural remedies, benefiting us in many ways. Yes, you heard us, flowers cannot only sit pretty on your head but could actually make you look radiant too…..

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You can use them in so many ways; to make a soothing cup of tea, a refreshing face wash, an astringent, massage oil, lotion, body soap - you name it! While some flowers help in treating skin related problems, others act as anti-inflammatory agents or stress busters…

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