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Zee Business Live on Holi Skincare!

I got this opportunity to speak about pre and post skincare during holi on Zee Business live.

Holi is festival of colours that brings lot of joy in our lives but it also bring lot of skin & hair damage too ..

to avoid this we should take some pre/post holi care -

☘️The best way to deal with post-Holi skin damage is: Drink lots of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to help flush out toxins.

☘️A day before Holi, apply body oil all over your body and massage it into skin. This hydrates skin so that it absorbs less color the next day. You can also oil your hair to form a protective shield on strands.

☘️Just an hour before you play Holi, apply body lotion on your body. Protect the area around the eyes by applying Vaseline and rub a dash of baby oil on eyelashes and nails. Always wear full sleeved clothing to avoid direct exposure to colors.

☘️Rub ice cubes on face and apply thick layer of hydrating moisturiser.

☘️After holi go straight for shower but water should not be too warm

☘️Remove all the colors from your skin using a gentle cleanser. · Apply a moisturizer to rehydrate your skin.

☘️ After hair wash mix Almond & Coconut oil and apply on your hair with a ' champi'!

and while washing it again after few house do hot turban therapy and wash gently by add few spoons of vinegar in your shampoo.

☘️have lots of water that day and something warm like - 'kesar ka doodh' or soup in the evening.

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