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~Immunity Drink~

If you have a healthy immune system, your body can safeguard you from any disease, even the novel coronavirus or COVID-19.

with this changing time we must do changes in our diet, lifestyle and routine… #gonatural ..

we can try to save ourselves with such little changes -

one of such healthy juice i strongly suggest all my friends and family is pure source of vitamin C :🍊🍋

ingredients :



Black pepper (kali mirch)


Take 3-4 oranges and make juice out of it, add dash of lime, crushed ginger & pinch of Black pepper powder…

have this glass of goodness daily once or twice a day!

#vitaminc :

Vitamin C affects your immune health in several ways. Its antioxidant activity can decrease inflammation, which may help improve your immune function

#blackpepper :

Black pepper, which comes from the Sanskrit word pippali, was once known as black gold. It has one of the longest histories as a sought-after spice, due to its ability to flavor foods, act as a preservative, and add heat to a dish. Black pepper offers a range of health benefits in addition to its flavor-enhancing properties.

A strong immune system is important for helping you avoid illness, and black pepper can help here as well. Its active compounds have a role in boosting white blood cells, which your body uses to fight off invading bacteria and viruses.

#ginger :

Ginger is a very usual and important part of many food recipes that we eat and drink and it also offers many benefits to the lungs. The anti-inflammatory qualities cause bronchodilation in asthmatic patients. It is also credited for breaking down the mucus and expelling it.


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