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~mind is everything…what you think you become~

Our perceptions, thoughts, attitudes, feelings, emotions and perspectives, manifest our reality. It is where our convictions gather strength and our progress gains momentum.

Others may interfere with our lives, but only in a limited way.

They may become part of our lives or partners in our success, but only with our consent and willingness.

The healing thoughts that come to us from outside do not heal us, unless we deserve help and are receptive enough.

It is with our thoughts that we set the tone and direction of our lives, attracting or repulsing the abundance of the universe and opportunities.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we harbor thoughts that shape our destinies.

We allow them to build our hopes and aspirations as well as our fears and doubts. Our thoughts may not have the miraculous powers to manifest reality instantly. But they do so, slowly and gradually, according to our faith and effort.

If you know how to use your thoughts effectively, you will multiply your energy and your chances of your success.


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